. . . he art of photography is a very delicate process and it is important to follow the latest trends and to be a few steps ahead of the actual tendencies. Being a professional Real Estate and Interior photographer in New York helps to keep an eye on the hottest trends and to implement them in the projects.

Let's make a short overview about such topic, as interior and real estate photography trends. What's new in these fields? How to make a cool interior photoshoot? What to expect in 2019?

Real Estate Photography VS Interior Photography

. . . . hen we speak about these two types of photography, you should remember that both deal with the houses, rooms, and spaces in general. But, these types are completely different from a profes-sional point of view. Of course, here we have the same object, but the way a photographer sees it and works with it makes the main differences. So let's deep into this matter first.

Real Estate Photography: Make It Work!

. . n Real Estate Photography the main focus is on the benefits of the pictures, adding right com-bination of price and working deadlines. These are important features:
Artificial or special light
No personal things
Wide and even ultra wide angle frames (16, 14 mm)
Horizontal placement

Interior Photography: Switch On Imagination

. . nterior photography gives more space for imagination and creativity, yet it has some distinc-tive features as:
Natural light
Interior details
Artistic style
Used mainly for portfolios and magazines
Digital impact on the photography in 2019-2020
. . he process of digitalization of the society is going rapidly each year and it is effecting all spheres including photography. Many real estate buyers want to see high quality images that can show the object in the best way. As an experienced interior photographer in New York and New Jersey, I want to share some personal ideas about the upcoming tendencies.
TOP 5 Trends To Remember For Real Estate And Interior Photographer
. . asically, apart from improving your artistic view, it is important to know what the market is ask-ing for. Today the market demand creates specific photography trends for any commercial pho-tographer. Some of them are in hype and no one knows how long they will be popular. Still in-corporating some of them in your everyday work will help you to make your works look diverse and up-to-date with the latest technologies.
Trend #1.
Mobile-Friendly Images
The trend of mobile e-commerce develops rapidly and it is important to keep it in mind. For both Real Estate photography and Interior photography the photographer has to optimise photos and to make them look perfect on both mobile phones and tablets. Our future is more likely to develop in the mobile sphere.
Trend #2.
Aerial photography
A trend, which is going to be popular for the next few years, is an aerial photography. It is espe-cially actual for the Real Estate photographer, as he can demonstrate the house and all the sur-roundings. A shopping mall, a cute park or a lake - these are important details, creating the full impression and telling a unique story.
Trend #3.
3-D Virtual tours
Another tendency is VR technology. Making photos optimised for VR tours is a big deal today. The buyer becomes more demanding and photographer has to create ideal atmosphere of the whole space adapting it with the VR technology.
Trend #4.
Virtual Staging
Transforming empty room into a fully finished interior is another thing, which appears on the market. Making a full interior photoshoot adapted for a Virtual Staging will show a full house interior and create the right impression.
Trend #5.
Be modern
There are many trends which come and go. No need to follow all of them, though it is important to try everything and to be always up-to-date with the latest technologies. Visit exhibitions, follow social media trends, this will help you to be always in hype.
NYC Photographers: Professional Look
If you want your photos to look modern and impressive, turn to professionals! Office interior photography or hotel interior photography is a very delicate process, requiring artistic approach. Choosing the right person will make your business work!